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875 Norman Dr. Lebanon, PA 17042

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Valley View Surgical Center

surgery centerValley View Surgical Center is the only licensed, Medicare-approved outpatient facility in Lebanon, PA, that is devoted solely to laser surgery for the eyes. Established in 1999, it offers outpatient laser treatment for the eyes and same-day surgical care for cataract surgery, glaucoma eye surgery, and WaveFront LASIK eye surgery, as well as other eye surgery options. The various types of eye surgery that the laser eye surgery center provides are coupled with comprehensive eye care throughout the process, with the facility conveniently located to minimize interruptions to home and work life.

This state-of-the-art, Ambulatory Surgical Center offering laser surgery for the eyes is housed in its own wing of Fava and Maria Eye Care Associates, 875 Norman Drive, Lebanon, PA. Serving the nearby communities of Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, and all of South-Central Pennsylvania, this center offers laser surgery for the eyes in a facility fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), an accreditation process requiring stringent self-assessment and a thorough review of the center’s eye surgery options and treatments by AAAHC surveyors. This self-analysis, peer review and professional consultation ensures procedures at the laser eye surgery center deliver the highest standards of laser treatments for the eyes.

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The Ambulatory Surgical Center is equipped with:

  • State-of-the-art operating room, fully equipped to perform many types of eye surgery, including laser surgeries for the eyes like cataract surgery, glaucoma eye surgery, refractive laser eye surgery, retinal laser surgery, lens implantation, corneal surgery, and eyelid surgery.
  • The latest and most advanced phaco-emulsification equipment for cataract surgery.
  • A cutting edge laser suite where the WaveFront LASIK eye surgery procedure for vision correction occurs.
  • Lasers used in glaucoma eye surgery, cataract surgery, retinal, and other vision surgery
  • Specialized nurses and experienced ophthalmic surgical assistants.
  • Comfortable recovery rooms at the laser eye surgery center.
  • Spacious waiting areas for patients and relatives during laser treatments for the eyes and other vision surgeries.
  • Convenient parking, fully adjacent to the laser eye surgery center facility.
  • A gracious, patient-oriented staff that is here to serve you and meet your needs during all laser treatments for the eyes.

For further information about our Ambulatory Surgical Center and laser surgery for the eyes, call 717-272-2010 or email us.

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